April 06, 2018

How to write a standard Essay

Writing essay is not easy. One needs to follow certain rules and regulations to write essay. Generally, essay has certain limits to finish. One needs to write the essay with this specific word count. The length of medium size essay is 300 to 500 words and the length of long essay is more than 500 words. When I was writing my first essay there was no one to write my essay 4 me. So, I have to complete the essay without any specific guideline and the result came out too good. I obtained highest marks that time on the whole class. In this article I will discuss how to write a standard essay.

First thing you need is an introduction at the beginning of paragraph, the first sentence. You need a very good introductory sentence. It's because the person who's reading it would judge your essay by the beginning sentence and if you have a really bad opening sentence, but a very good body, they'll still not want to read it. If you have a crummy body, but a very good opening sentence, then they'll still read on. When I say body, keep in mind that that is the paragraph. You can start with a question, a quote or a very interesting fact. That is really recommended. Then you write a roadmap, thesis, and some facts about your topic. Those can go in any order. A roadmap is when you talk about what is in each of your paragraphs, a thesis is when you talk about what you're going to talk about, and facts or information about your topic. After that is you'll write ending sentence.

We now moved on to your second paragraph. You'll need an introduction for this one too. Make sure it's a good one. Afterwards you talk about your character, and some facts about her/him. Use the information you got from the website, books, magazines, and thesaurus. Mix your opinion, experience, and advice from wise people in it too. Write about 3-5 facts about your topic and you are finished. You still need your conclusion sentence. The conclusion sentence shouldn't be very boring. It should have some excitement or leaves them thinking. You do the exact same thing on your third, fourth, fifth paragraph, you even write a conclusion sentence on the conclusion paragraph too. I hope you don't get mixed up.

This is your conclusion paragraph. Remember you have to write an introduction. This time you don't talk about facts, you talk about the overall message and use some sentences to review what you talked about. Then you add a conclusion. This conclusion is very important. Because it's the last sentence in your whole essay. That means they'll remember this. Remember to check for spelling mistakes or grammar mistakes. Last, but definitely not least you have to check if you have the proper word count.

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